Winter Skincare Regimen & Megan’s Top Winter Skincare Picks

Winter Skincare Regimen & Megan’s Top Winter Skincare Picks

Professional Picks for Winter Skincare

We know this expression has been overused, but…winter is coming! Cold weather and the constant in-and-out from heated and unheated places truly does a number on your skin. The biggest effect is that skin dries out, which in turn leads to flakiness, tightness, and more pronounced wrinkles and fine lines. Skin also generally looks more tired and dull.

If you want to keep a glow year-round, you have to be proactive about hydration, and we make it easy with these four professional picks for winter skincare.

Is it important to change your skincare routine in winter?
If you’re wondering if you really need a winter skincare routine, the answer is likely yes. This season triggers a drop in mercury and humidity. Although dampness doesn’t feel necessarily comfortable, a certain level of humidity does leave skin feeling soft and looking dewy.

When humidity is replaced with cold winds slapping you in the face, your skin’s moisture barrier, the uppermost layer responsible for preventing water evaporation, becomes more vulnerable. Once the moisture barrier is compromised, a host of issues rise up. Dryness, tightness, flaking, sensitivity, and redness are typically the first symptoms. To tackle this head on, invest in skincare products specifically formulated to tackle dryness and dehydration.


How do you change your skincare routine for the winter?
During the winter season, the focus should be to add hydration and moisture.


What skincare ingredients should you look for in the winter?

Remember we mentioned you need to focus on hydration and moisture? It’s important to note there’s a difference between the two. In general, hydration is water, and moisture is oil, such as the natural lipids, ceramides, and fatty acids that make up your moisture barrier. You need both in order to enjoy smooth, supple, bouncy, and healthy-looking skin.

Remember the most important thing you can do in winter is keep your skin thoroughly hydrated, and face oils, hydrating overnight masks, and moisturizers can all help you achieve that. But also remember not to skimp on sunscreen (the winter sun is still dehydrating and damaging). Moisturize every day and night, and follow up morning moisturization with sunscreen application, and you’ll be good to go!


Megan’s top Winter Skincare Picks! 

1) Image Vital C Hydrating Serum 

2) Orgaid Balancing Toner 

3) KRX Aqua Cream 

4) Vital C Overnight Hydrating Masque 

5) Ormedic Lip Ointment 



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