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Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts

Phyto-DMAE Cream

Phyto-DMAE Cream

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A powerhouse anti-aging formula, Phyto-DMAE Cream is a moisturizing soufflé that addresses visible signs of aging from UV, pollution, hormones, and natural aging.

Its namesake ingredient, DMAE, enhances cell hydration, giving your complexion a fuller and more plump appearance. Vitamins A, C, and E, and 12 unique botanical extracts support collagen synthesis and help shield the skin from oxidative stress, leaving it feeling soft and protected.

Dimethyl Mea [DMAE] | Enhances cell hydration
Vitamins A, E, C | Antioxidant support 
12 Botanical Extracts | Antioxidant powerhouses 

PERFECT FOR: Hydrating and moisturizing for dryness and aging skin concerns. 

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